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Today's Bulletin - Sunday, August 2, 2020



JKTF disconsolate over unenthusiastic response of the Government towards the sincerity and dedication of teachers on COVID-19 duty.*

JKTF disconsolate over unenthusiastic response of the Government towards the sincerity and dedication of teachers on COVID-19 duty.*

Srinagar, July 28 ( RNA) :  Teachers are one of the only kind amongst government employees who have always been assigned different and difficult assignments irrespective of the fact whether the given assignments corelates to the job profile or interferes with the professional stability of the teachers. Yet they have successfully completed all the assignments daring all odds much as they do while in the line of duty at their parent department.
Nowadays it is observed that teachers are put at different installations and in different institutions to fight against COVID-19. There is a marvellous history of teachers doing great and working wonders with the assignment of census (enumeration), Block level workers, Election duty, flood mitigation & relief, or any other such odd job and now be it the Airport, Quarantine centers, Check Points on roads, door to door mass awareness of the general public, COVID-19 survey and much more, these dare devils have taken all the challenges in their faces.
But alas! these nation builders are still looked upon as second class citizens when it comes to official protocol. It is reported that the kind of safety gear they are provided with at Srinagar International Airport is much more inferior in quality as compared to that provided to the doctors who are at the same place performing the same duty. Undeniably the doctors, being front line warriors do risk their lives and we appreciate their endeavours. They work day in and day out to save the precious lives of patients. We just want that the kind of PPE is provided to them must also be provided to entire staff on COVID-19 duty. Again the quality of food served to teachers is not upto the mark. We must understand that they are risking their lives while confronting the odds with meagre resources.
Jammu Kashmir Teachers' Forum is of the opinion that these warriors deserve appreciation and praise not only by the parent department but by the LG administration as well. They ought to win applause from all sections of the society, all walks of life. But least the demand of their free insurance cover must be fulfilled without any further delay. This is the second time in a row JKTF has raised this demand owing to the inordinate delay in the process. In fact it is felt that the government has neatly leaned a deaf ear to the previous demand, hence this reminder. The ringing of the bells shall continue raising alarms till justice is done. Teachers ought to be treated at par with any of the other government employees of any calibre and designation. There must not be any disparity and class segregation on the grounds of designation and post.
The demand shall be reiterated till it is fulfilled.
JKTF stand by its soldiers and respects their genuine demands and shall fight tooth and nail for the materialisation of the same.
The entire leadership, especially the Chairman Mr Ganesh Khajuria, President Mr Muhammad Akbar Khan, Mr Muhammad Afzal Bhat and Mr Kuldeep Singh Bandral, Provincial Presidents Kashmir and Jammu respectively, have expressed their indignation and repugnance over the snub the present dispensation has for the lot. They have reaffirmed their pledge to leave no stone unturned till the goals are achieved.

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