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Today's Bulletin - Tuesday, May 11, 2021



Prominent youth leaders from Kashmir join Peoples Conference

Prominent youth leaders from Kashmir join Peoples Conference

Srinagar, March 20 ( RNA) : In a major development, prominent youth leaders including Arif Amin, Faizan Ellahi, Amaan Zargar and Riyaz Ahmed Wani joined Peoples Conference today in presence of PC Chairman Mr. Sajad Gani Lone.

Mr. Lone on this occasion said that youth is the sole inspiring variable which still inspires us in our belief that change will dawn one day and the youth will script that change.

“While the youthfulness inspires all of us I feel sad that our youth have been saddled with disempowerment. The youth of today is taking over a legacy which is mired in political disempowerment. We are handing over a very depleted and disempowered J&K and I feel sad that unlike youths in other states enjoying their youthfulness, the youth in J&K have to get together to empower their people and get back their basic rights which have been snatched away”, he added.

While speaking on the occasion Arif Amin, a prominent youth leader from Pulwama said that they have always been looking for an opportunity to work for vision of the Peoples Conference and its leader Mr. Sajad Gani Lone.

“We assure Mr. Lone that we will work hard to reach out to the people and strengthen the party at the grassroots level and ensure that the ideological and developmental discourse of the party is spread across the youth.”

He further said that they will tirelessly and relentlessly further the distinctive features of the ideological, developmental and economic discourse of the party among the youth in J&K. 

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