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Today's Bulletin - Saturday, May 21, 2022



BJP fails on all front, loses support in its strongholds: Manjit Singh

BJP fails on all front, loses support in its strongholds: Manjit Singh

Dozens of youth join Apni Party in Vijaypur, announce office bearers in Samba

VIJAYPUR, MAY 14, 2022: Apni Party Provincial President Jammu and Former Minister Manjit Singh has questioned BJP for its failure to address developmental and employment related issues of Jammu and Kashmir despite ruling the Union Territory directly from Delhi. Manjit Singh while welcoming newcomers into the Party at Vijaypur, said that the remote and border areas were among the worst sufferers and they were not even given political representation. On this occasion, dozens of youth joined the Apni Party. “BJP which claims to be champion of Jammu and had assured that it was due to the special status that the Jammu has been discriminated against. Now when they are directly ruling J&K from Delhi and monitoring every scheme, it appears the BJP has failed on all fronts and the party has been exposed before the people where it has a strong base,” he said. He said that the farmers, students, employees, daily wagers, remote area’s residents, business man and every section of society have faced the misgovernance of the Govt. “The BJP is better to remain in opposition. The party has not welfare plans for the people, the saffron party wants to rule,” he said and explained how Apni Party wants to development J&K and remove the discrimination with the regions. He said that “To end their suffering, the people of Jammu and Kashmir from all the regions have come forward to support the Apni Party. It was due to the policy of development which has attracted the people especially youth and hence, Apni Party is committed for the equitable development of all the regions and all the sections of society irrespective of their identity.” District President, Samba, Raman Thappa also addressed the gathering and highlighted various issues being faced by the people belonging to the marginalized section of society and the developmental scenario in Samba district. Thappa said that Kandi area in Samba is underdeveloped and drinking water supply is improper due to which people in this belt suffer during the soaring temperature. ST Wing State President, Saleem Choudhary also said that the ST colonies have no developmental activities and they suffer due to lack of amenities and poor educational infrastructure. He said that “The ST community needs Govt support for their upliftment and the schemes meant for their upliftment are not being implemented in a proper manner due to which the community continues to be neglected.” Meanwhile, Youth Wing State General Secretary, Abhay Bakaya highlighted the issues being confronted by the youth of Jammu and Kashmir and those living in border villages. He said that the employment opportunities have not been provided to the educated youth and the industries have engaged the non-local youth. On this occasion, Youth Wing Provincial President Jammu, Vipul Bali said that it also referred to the growing unemployment among the educated youth and poor chances of employment both in Govt and private sector. He demanded that the Govt must look into the issue. Meanwhile, Manjit Singh Ji announced Mangat Ram as District Youth Wing President of Samba District, Sikandar Choudhary as Vice President District Samba, Nadeem Choudhary as District General Secretary District Samba, Irshan Choudhary as Block President Bari Brahmana and Sukhdev Raj as Block President, Samba.

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