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Today's Bulletin - Wednesday, July 6, 2022



Disengagement of Rehbar-e-khel,Zirat and Janglaat sheer injustice:Qayooom wani

Disengagement of Rehbar-e-khel,Zirat and Janglaat sheer injustice:Qayooom wani

Civil society forum condemns arbitrary order issued by government.

In a press statement Chairman jammu kashmir civil society forum(JKCSF) and Former President EJAC Ab Qayoom wani Showed serious concern on the recent order of disengagement of Rehbar e Khel, Zirat and Janglaat & said that it is a sheer injustice towards these professional degree holders, who worked on meagre salary just relying on the hope of regularization after stipulated time frame of 5/7 years. But now when the time comes near govt is disengaging them and pushing their future into darkness. Wani said this is quite illogical and beyond justice. The order needs to be revoked and all employees of Rehbar-e-Khel, Zirat, and Janglaat should be regularized on the pattern of Rehbar-e-Taleem as these employees are already professional degree holders and experienced too. Verification of documents of an employee can be done there is no objection to that aspect. Wani while talking to the delegation of these effected employes at his Tangmarg residence assured all these employees of full support from leadership of jammu kashmir civil society forum. wani also appealed all the trade union leaders of jammu and kashmir to come forward to protect the future of the young and professional employees Wani urged upon the government not to push these effected employees to the wall and come up to their expectations.

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