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Today's Bulletin - Sunday, July 5, 2020



Govt. was ill prepared to cope up with snowfall: Ab Rahim Rather

Govt. was ill prepared to cope up with snowfall: Ab Rahim Rather

“Administration unaware about miseries of people”

Srinagar, Jan.15 ( RNA): Former MLA Kokernag Abdul Rahim Rather on Wednesday censured the incumbent administration for its mismanagement of the exigencies that arose in wake of the recent snowfall especially in South Kashmir district Anantnag.

In a statement to RNA , Rather said: “The administration stands exposed in wake of the recent snowfall. Many villages are still cut off from Anantnag town not to talk of Kokernag,” he said.

He said that the administration was caught unprepared while dealing with the situation after widespread snowfall across the state.

“There are a number of villages which are still cut off from Kokernag and Anantnag towns. People are immensely suffering for want of electricity, ration, fuel particularly kerosene and LPG. I think the administration is unaware about the miseries of people living in Kashmir Valley,” Rather remarked.
He said the Lieutenant Governor’s administration left the people to deal with the situation on their own and that the news reports about people suffering at the leading state hospitals are a case in point.

“Patients who are supposed to be admitted in hospitals are stuck in their homes. The snowfall also made the condition worse for the patients due to non-availability of heating arrangements in the hospitals,” he added.RNA  

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