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Today's Bulletin - Saturday, May 25, 2024



Congress takes out massive road-show in Jammu, thousands of voters & supporters join

Congress takes out massive road-show in Jammu, thousands of voters & supporters join

PM Modi resorting to 'old script' of polarization, fear: Solanki

 Jammu, Apr 24 (RNA): Congress on last date of campaign for Jammu-Reasi Parliamentary seat todat took out massive road show in favour of party candidate Raman Bhalla led by Bharat Singh Solanki Incharge J&K, JKPCC President Vikar Rasool Wani, Choudhary Lal Singh, Vice Presidents Yogesh Sawhney, Ved Mahajan Rajnish Sharma Mian, Parnav Sagotra, Adv. Saha Mohd. District President Th Manmohan Singh, SC Cell, Sewa Dal, Minority Cell, Mahila Cell, Youth Cell, OBC Cell, thousands of worker's supporters .

The impressive rally passed through RS Pura Jammu South Constituency, Jammu East Constituency, Jammu West Constituency starting from Satwari Chowk, Jewal Chowk via Fortune Inn Riviera, Vivekanand Chowk, Gummat Bazar, Indira Chowk, MLA Hostal to GMC Chowk, Shakuntala Chowk, Rehari Chungi, New Plot Children Hospital, Amphalla Chowk, CPO Chowk, Kachi Chawni, Parade Ground, Shalamar Chowk, Hari Market, Residency Road and finally culminated at party’s Jammu headquarter at Shahidi Chowk.
Speaking on the occasion, Solanki accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of resorting to the "old script" of polarisation and fear, and claimed that he does not have confidence in his government to fight the Lok Sabha on real issues. He said Prime Minister Modi and the BJP should make it clear whether they are against or in support of the caste census. "This question will have to be answered with 'yes' or 'no'. Why don't you want to represent the people?" he said.He also lashed at for his 'Mangalsutra' remarks, saying he did not even respect the importance of 'Mangalsutra'.
"When the elections came, we thought that there would be discussions on big issues, terrible unemployment and inflation would be discussed. But all the issues were left aside, the Prime Minister of this country picked up the same script which he has been reading since 2002- the script of polarisation, division, fear and suspicion," he said. The prime minister of this country does not have enough confidence in his government and party that he can fight elections by talking on issues, Solanki said. "Narendra Modi ji, you have not done any good to the poor. You forced the poor to walk in the scorching sun during Covid. During Covid, the poor were made to wander from door-to-door for medicines and oxygen. The poor were shown the false dream of boarding an airplane,a monopoly was created and small enterprises shut down," Solanki said.
Wani speaking on the occasion said that BJP has a big problem with the Congress manifesto. But I would like to thank them because their lies and propaganda have taken the Congress manifesto to every home," he said. He claimed that Modi is deeply concerned by the mention of caste census in the manifesto.So today I want to ask BJP, is it wrong to talk about the poor? What is your problem with the welfare of the poor? We are talking about an X-ray. What is the objection to that," he said.Modi has created 'two Indias' in the last 10 years, there is one India - where the vegetable vendor cries due to inflation and in G-20, a curtain is drawn to hide poverty, the other India is where there is glamour, where people are crazy about Modi and worship him, he said.Wani said opposition bloc INDIA will win all five seats in the Union territory in the upcoming parliamentary polls.Wani said the BJP would face a resounding defeat in the elections just like they lost the Kargil council polls.
Bhalla in his address said that BJP's reluctance to hold assembly elections stems from their anticipation of defeat in all polls. "They were evading elections because they were anticipating defeat. This explains their reluctance in conducting municipal and panchayat elections. He said every wrong decision by BJP Govt will be reacted by voters first on April 26th and the result of reaction will be crystal clear on June 4th.He said that if assembly elections were held, the BJP might find themselves “fleeing across the Lakhanpur entry point into Jammu and Kashmir”.
Bhalla accused the BJP of imposing a state of emergency in Jammu and Kashmir and alleged that they were exploiting Jammu and Kashmir's resources like in the case of power projects in Kishtwar. The only propaganda they have is falsehood, falsehood and falsehood. Why can't the Prime Minister grant us a state now? What is he waiting for? He comes to Udhampur and promises a statehood when this is a question for him. Why can't he does it now,” Bhalla said. He claimed that priority of BJP regime was never to empower people by strengthening democratic institutions but those at the helm of affairs wanted to accomplish their nefarious designs by controlling such institutions through undemocratic means.
Bhalla appealed people from different walks of life, particularly youth to become part of the party. He said Congress offers a platform for all well meaning peoples to encourage them and play their role in party’s vision of political resolution and good governance. He said Congress by way of its pro-people policies is the only viable regional alternative for the people of the State. He said the previous Government failed to do anything good for the people of State except strengthening the instrument of oppression to unleash terror on them.
Bhalla regretted that the delivery on the promises had been in opposite proportion to the expression of such high pitched slogans with not a single promise having been cashed in. Bhalla claimed that BJP has lost the ground miserably. He said that Congress Party stands guarantee to the equitable development of all the three regions and the people. It will continue to serve the people to the best of its ability.He said that with most hostile and spasmodic dozes of discrimination administered to Jammu youth in selections one after the other in the BJP had given Jammuites the shocker of their life time. He strongly accused the BJP for its discriminatory attitude towards Jammu after its failure in all fronts including much talked the anti Militancy drive, allocation of funds and their promise of employment on a large scale.
Ch Lal Singh in his address said that Congress is the only party which can guarantee communal harmony, safety and all-round development. He asked the people to vote in favour of Bhalla for prosperity of region. "I am lucky to be part of a party which has played a great role in taking the country to great heights," Singh said. He praised National Conference president Farooq Abdullah for reaching a seat-sharing agreement with his party and urged NC workers to support Bhalla in bringing change in the country which, he said, was inevitable. Singh took a dig at the BJP and alleged that it could go to any extent for the greed of power. "I appeal to voters to cast their votes on the merit of the candidates without getting mislead by propaganda, slogans and promises. We should not repeat the mistake of 2014," he said, assuring that the Congress will fulfil its promises.

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